Building teams

We make working with remote developers easy and at ½ of price of salaried U.S. developers. From our U.S. office in Palo Alto, we take the legwork out of finding great developer talent that can make an immediate impact on your project. Started by two brothers from Seattle, we make using experienced remote developers a great alternative to expensive, hard-to-find local developers.

how we work

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We have a long track record of providing great developers to our clients. Here at Zojax, we can provide complete solutions with project management tools, group communication software along with code back-up and hosting. All these services are included at no additional charge.
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We’re proud of our boutique approach in working with our clients. Our model of vetting candidates, including in-person interviews assures you top-notch developers at substantial discounts compared to US-based candidates. Whether you’re looking for a single developer, an entire team, Zojax is the right choice.
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