Dean Powers, CEO and Founder of Zojax

Dean is originally from Bellevue, Washington but now works from a mountain side ecological property in Spain where he manages Zojax developers located in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, and Kazakhstan.

Dean began his computer career programming in PL/1 on IBM punch cards. His first personal computer was a Kaypro running CP/M and Wordstar and he remembers the days of 10 Megabyte hard drives and dial up modem access to the internet.

After a technical career with US WEST in Seattle, Washington, Dean worked with several Silicon Valley startups (Connexion/Reliant) as a Sales Engineer and Product Manager. In 2005, 17 years ago, Dean created a small Web application development company, incorporated in Bellevue, Washington.

Starting with one software developer and one client, Zojax now has a dozen developers. The active client list of Zojax includes:

  • The Quick Group of Companies in NYC including Quick.aero, Sterling, and QuickSTAT
  • TRAC Intermodal and FYX Fleet in New Jersey
  • Institute for Knowledge Management (ISKME) in Half Moon Bay, California
  • Mookai, a Marketing Agency in Toronto, Canada
  • North American Airlines Loan, Borrow Forum (NAALBF)
  • A New Dawn in the Negev, an Israeli nonprofit organization based in the Bedouin city of Rahat

The Zojax Business Philosophy

Zojax has chosen to remain relatively small in order to provide personal service to it’s clients. While Zojax welcomes new customers, we work to ensure that there is a good match in terms of software perspectives, size, and a mutual “win-win” attitude. We don’t strive to be the low bidder on web development proposals. We seek out long-term relationships.

Web Development Software Platforms

Zojax began developing Content Management Systems using Open Source Web Frameworks including Plone, Zope, and Pyramid. Today, we choose to develop new web projects using:

  • Django
  • Wagtail (An extension of Django)
  • CodeRed (An implementation of Wagtail)
  • Zojax supports Amazon AWS for deployment of both Websites and Custom Web Applications
  • Although a rarely used web framework, Zojax has 3+ years of developing Intranet CMS systems and websites using the Pyramid Web Framework

We are not great fans of WordPress (we think that Django is superior), but we have a few clients that have asked us to support this CMS. This support of Wordpress has led us to develop a social network on the Buddyboss.com platform for the “Alternatives” community at http://community.alternatives.network.

We are prepared to develop and support any website using Wordpress or Buddyboss and have dedicated Wordpress Developers for this purpose. Our WordPress services include:

  • Deployment of Wordpress Code at WPEngine.com
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • BuddyBoss Custom Development and Support
  • Develop of iOS and Android WordPress Applications using the BuddyBoss platform
  • Custom Social Walls

Zojax also provides Web Design Services (this site was designed by our web designer) as was community.alternatives.network. Our web design and UI work is enhanced by a dedicated front-end developer who ensures that implementations are responsive on desktop and mobile devices on a variety of web browsers and screen dimensions.

Our work with enterprise level customers has enabled us to develop services specifically for marketing divisions of large companies. Our services include:

Salesforce support (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce Administration) Pardot website integration, Contact Forms, and Email Blasts Hubspot website integration (Contact Form and Chat interface on this site use HubSpot)





Senior Python Developer


Senior Python Developer


QA Engineer


Python/Django Developer


Python/Django Developer


Python/Django Developer


Wordpress Developer


Frontend Developer


UI Designer


We are a responsive web development company. Our response time is measured in minutes, not hours or days. Your request for information will be answered by Dean Powers, our founder and CEO. If you prefer, you can initiate a chat conversation here.