Django, Pyramid, Wagtail, WordPress Support and Development

Popular Content Management Systems (CMS) for websites include: Django, Drupal, Joomla, HubSpot, Pyramid, Wagtail, WordPress.

Any of these Content Management Systems are excellent choices for managing website content including text, images, photos, podcasts, and video.

These CMS systems also support common website functions such as HTTPS Security, User Registrations and Logins, Site Backup, custom forms, Mailing Lists, and content databases.

Zojax actively supports and develops websites in these CMS:

Most CMS systems are marketed to end users who want to develop their own websites and manage their website content. WordPress, in particular, is marketed toward organizations with a low level of technical expertise.

Therefore, we provide Zojax Content Managers who make content changes on your website. Our customers identify the changes to be made and send a Slack message or email to one of our Zojax Content Managers to make the change on a staging site, test, and then update the production site.

Our CMS of choice for developing websites is Wagtail which is an implementation of the Django CMS. We also support the Pyramid Web Framework, WordPress, and Hubspot.

Content Management Systems for Web Applications

The other use case for Content Management Systems is application development. As an example, Zojax developers use Django for building a complex educational content repository for the Institute of Knowledge Management. Instead of managing website content, it manages large amounts of educational content.

For the Quick International Courier Intranet Zojax developed a document management system using the Pyramid Web Framework. Hundreds of users accessthousands of company documents based of a complex set of access rules. The marketing websites (Sterling Aviation, Quick Time Critical, QuickSTAT) for Quick International Courier were developed with the Pyramid Web Framework

Web applications have a very different set of requirements than relatively simple website content management and therefore required advanced content management systems such as Django, Wagtail, or the Pyramid Web Framework.

Content Management Systems Services Summary

For website content management Zojax recommends Django or Wagtail (an implementation of Django).

For web application development requiring complex access rules and workflow systems Zojax recommends the Pyramid Web Framework or Django/Wagtail.


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