Web Site Support

Zojax provides a full range of Website Support Services in cases where:

  1. Your organization has an IT Department but it has insufficient resources for website support
  2. Your organization has no IT Department and no reliable outside contractor

Website support isn’t our primary business, it’s not very glamorous or profitable. But for our customers for whom we develop web based applications or built their website it is a necessary service, and one that we do well.

Our customers rely on us to keep their websites running and in many cases to manage the content on their sites.

Some of the website services that we offer our customers are:

  • Software Updates
  • Monitoring Website Speed and Troubleshooting
  • Fixing HTML Errors and Running Link Checkers
  • Site Backups to both local servers and Amazon
  • Adding new site content, website pages, and navigation changes
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Ensuring Responsive Performance on Mobile Devices
  • Reviewing Your Website Analytics. We recommend Matomo.org as an alternative to Google Analytics

We are a responsive web development company. Our response time is measured in hours, not days. Your request for information will be answered by Dean Powers, our founder and CEO. If you prefer, you can initiate a chat conversation here or email: dean@zojax.com.