Flow is designed to scale with fast transaction finality and low transaction costs. Flow can architecturally support up to 1 million TPS and petabytes of user data.


Flow has built in security at the protocol level as well as at the smart contract level due to the resource-oriented approach, account ownership primitives, capability-based security of Cadence.


Flow's developer-friendly environment and unique resource-oriented architecture at the protocol level and at smart contract level (Cadence) make Flow the ideal platform for building NFT-based applications.


Flow's NFT standard for creators makes their NFTs automatically supported by all existing & new wallets, marketplaces. As a wallet or marketplace builder, supporting the Flow NFT standard will automatically support all existing & new NFTs.


Flow is architecturally designed to be one of the most energy & hardware efficient networks. Minting one NFT on Flow requires less energy than one Instagram post.

Flow Ecosystem

The fast growing Flow ecosystem provides a large user base (20M+ user accounts) & a dedicated community of developers that can inspire and support each other.


Our response time is measured in hours, not days. Dean Powers, our founder and CEO will answer you to better understand your needs. If you prefer, you can initiate a chat conversation here or email: