Social Walls

Social Walls are web site pages that display information from Social Networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social walls can be used to aggregate and display on your website social posts for a topic or a company brand.

For a topic related site like twitter posts related to software alternatives are posted on a Social Wall grid. For a product related site twitter posts for a brand or product can be displayed.

Zojax supports two different Social Wall cloud based solutions:

  • is a full featured Social Wall application that creates Social Walls from over 25 possible social network sources. Zojax can configure and implement a Social Wall on your website.
  • is another full featured Social Wall application with a large number of social network services

The major financial issue with these otherwise excellent applications is the monthly cost if your Social Wall requires many sources (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc) and many hashtags. It is possible that your Social Wall requirements might exceed 100 sources/feeds!
One Social Wall consisting of feeds/sources $59 per month
One social wall consisting of 5 feeds for each of 13 possible sources-$199 per month

Zojax Custom Social Walls
Zojax offers customized social walls for companies or organizations that require custom features and/or a large number of feeds. Based on a Django, these social walls can retrieve social network content based on very specific requirements. Pricing is a one-time fee for customization and deployment on the network service of your choice including Amazon or your own internal server. There are no monthly costs.

Zojax built the social walls for which collects twitter posts for over 100 hashtags and 100 social walls. Each alternative topic has a separate social wall.


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