Development Services for Wagtail CMS

Wagtail is an open source content management system built on Django with a strong user community and commercial support. It's focused on user experience and offers precise control for designers and developers.


  • A fast and attractive interface for content editors
  • Complete control over front-end design and structure
  • Scales to millions of pages and thousands of editors
  • Fast out of the box, cache-friendly when you need it
  • Content API for 'headless' sites with de-coupled front-end
  • StreamField encourages flexible content without compromising structure
  • Powerful, integrated search, using Elasticsearch or PostgreSQL
  • Excellent support for images and embedded content
  • Multi-site and multi-language ready
  • Embraces and extends Django

Zojax Support of Wagtail
Zojax has over ten years of experience with Django and within the last year we embraced Wagtail for new Django projects. Our own website, the one you are viewing now, was developed with Wagtail.

Zojax believes that Django is one of the best content management systems and Wagtail is the best implementation of Django. Our developers like the Streamfield features and our content editors like the back-end interface with replaces the admin menu in Django.

Our Wagtail developers are ready to convert your existing Django site to Wagtail and to migrate WordPress websites to Wagtail.

Our Wagtail development services also include building new web based applications using Wagtail.


We are a responsive web development company. Our response time is measured in hours, not days. Your request for information will be answered by Dean Powers, our founder and CEO. If you prefer, you can initiate a chat conversation here or email: