Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Impact Radius
    Where are your developers located?

    The majority of our developers live throughout Eastern Europe. With our overseas office in Kiev, many are from Ukraine. Our developers are either home-based or work in shared co-location space.

  • How long has Zojax been in business?

    Zojax has been placing remote, contract developers with North American companies for over 10 years. Run by two brothers both originally from Seattle. One found his way to the Silicon Valley while the other manages our office in Kiev, Ukraine.

  • Do your developers speak English?

    Yes, we only recruit developers that have, at a minimum, intermediate English skills. Our developers are all strong English writers and communicators.

  • How do you test and screen your developers?

    Before a candidate is placed on our registry we: 1. Verify English proficiency 2. One-on-one in-person interview 3. Skills verification and Github code review 4. If passes, developer is placed on Registry. If requested, we can also administer additional testing and/or provide represented code to demonstrate the skill level of a candidate.

  • How is Zojax different?

    Eastern Europe is known for having some of the best developers in the world. With our extensive contacts, we can find well-qualified developers who are experts with the latest technology stacks and applications. Having an overseas office in the Ukraine allows us to properly recruit and vet each candidate including in-person interviews. We put our developers on our payroll and we invoice you directly.

  • Is there a minimum engagement period?

    Even though our focus is longer-term commitments, some of our developers prefer shorter contracts. Either way, we help you select the right developer based on your time horizon and longer term goals.

  • Do you provide project management if needed?

    Our model is to provide software development talent to augment your existing team or support your in-house project management. We can however supply project management from either Ukraine or in the U.S.

  • How I’m I protected?

    After 2 weeks, for whatever reason you are dissatisfied with your developer, let us know and we will either find a replacement or refund 1 week of your fee. Our goal is always to make the relationship work for you.

  • Can you set-up a co-location development center?

    Yes, We can put together a co-location development team including developers, project management and QA. This is can be an efficient, highly cost-effective alternative to an in-house US-based operation.

    Who owns the legal right to the code?

    Per our contractual agreement, all work created by our developers we supply is your property.

  • How do we ensure that your IP is protected?

    Each developer signs an agreement relinquishing all ownership or any claim of intellectual property on the code he or she writes. In addition, all developers sign an NDA agreement stating the developer is legally bound not to disclose any proprietary information in the course of working with your company.

    Are their any upfront recruiting or contractual cost?

    No, besides the developers month fee, there are no additional upfront fees to get started with Zojax. Even if we conduct a custom search, there are not additional recruitment fees.

  • What is your typical developer fee?

    Our typically developer fees are between $5,300 - $5,900 per month.

  • What are the payment terms?

    Net 10 days from invoice receipt. We invoice every 30 days.

  • How do you pay?

    We accept all major credit cards, bank wires, and PayPal through our Union Bank of California account.

  • Who do we pay?

    You pay Zojax directly. Your monthly price includes everything with no additional fees. Remittance should be made out to Zojax in Palo Alto.

  • How do I get started?

    Review our current developer database.. If there is a candidate that meets your requirements, let us know. Will contact them and double-check their availability. If additional information is needed, we can gather it for you or set-up a Skype where you can conduct an interview with the developer directly. If you see no one of interest in our database, let us know and we’ll search for the perfect candidate at no additional fee.