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Maxim Ganichev

Perm, Russia

Senior Remote Python Developer


Highly skilled back-end remote developer specialization in Python
Experience in developing informative systems
Installing and launching technical support projects
Acting as senior lead on numerous complex projects
Interest in Remote Developer role for U.S. company

Work Experience

Senior Developer, Perm, Russia

2012 - 2017


The transition from monolithic to backend portal server architecture
Number of people on the project: 3-10
Roles in the project: Python developer, Oracle developer
Tasks: finding work processes legacy code, interface design,
development services code, legacy code support, health support
system in transition
Languages: Python, PL / SQL, Apache Thrift
Databases: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra
Systems and libraries: SQLAlchemy, Celery, Git

Completion and support of the administrative portal to Django
Number of people on the project: 3-5
Roles in the project: Python developer
Objectives: To support the administrative interface in the transition
Languages: Python
Databases: Oracle, MySQL
Systems and libraries: Django, Git

Development of the administrative portal on Node.JS
Number of people on the project: 3-5
Roles in the project: Python developer, the developer Javascript
Objectives: to develop administrative interfaces, services, development of the new system
Data Management Portal
Languages: Python, Javascript, Apache Thrift
Systems and libraries: Node.JS, AngularJS, SQLAlchemy, Git

Senior Developer, Perm, Russia

2010 - 2012

Development and implementation of document management systems based on Microsoft Sharepoint
2010. Projects
made in the NGO "Spark", the bank "Ural Finance House."
Languages: C #, Javascript
Creating and hosting support for systems with 1C remote and Web access.

Python/Django Developer

Perm, Russia

2009 - 2012

Outsourcing development for the company's ROI DNA (San Francisco, USA). Web Services for
Customer (Python, Django), internal project management system (node.js)
Development site (Python, Django)
Custom development of domestic financial systems and CRM companies.



PGTU State University-St. Petersburg, Russia