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Maria Kuznetsova

Warszawa, Poland

Senior Back-End Remote Developer


I'm software engineer with 3.5 years of experience in web development.

My primary language is Python.
Worked with Django, Twisted and other frameworks. Have expertise in RDBMS, NoSQL, REST services.
Usually focused on back-end tasks.

Looking for a position as Python Software Engineer.

Work Experience

Software Developer


2012 - 2016


Environment: Twisted, DynamoDB, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Ansible, AWS, Flask, REST services, sockets, skipy.

Description: Ecovent is the home zoning system that delivers complete room-by-room climate control through vents and sensors which detect the climate of that room and sends the information to
the smart hub. Timeseries data from thermostats and sensors aggregated in hubs (several per
house) and sent to central servers. On server side data are stored in timeseries-DB, aggregated
and processed for analysis.

Responsibilities: architecture of server application (accept data from hubs, stores in DB, process and
aggregate); design data schema for timeseries; development (server, communication protocol
between hub — server — client application); third-party integrations; deployment to AWS,
devops maintenance. writing scripts for data analysis (using scipy etc), implementing some features for internal dashboards.


Environment: Python, Django, PostgreSQL, South, fabric, celery, AWS, Cassandra, Redis, Solr, RabbitMQ, Jenkins CI, AngularJS, LESS, SCSS, HTML.

Description: Archimagic is a social network for architects, architecture enthusiasts, people who love
buildings and people who need buildings built. It is a two-sided platform that lets architects
upload their work in order to get more potential clients as well as professional feedback from
their peers. Meanwhile, brands can pay a subscription to connect their own product pages to
projects in which their products were used. Archimagic is the largest and fastest-growing
database of architecture online.

Responsibilities: various back-end tasks; integration with CRMs (Salesforce, Marketo); redesign and
implementation of image resizing feature; implementation of search module (based on Solr);
implementation of module for using Google Map API to find coordinate of the places;
migration of internal analytics from Redis into Cassandra.


Environment: Django, MySQL, RabbitMq, Celery, tastypie, AWS, Salesforce, ZenDesk

Description: Technology platform that reduces the cost and length of calls to businesses by sending
detailed customer profiles directly to customer service representatives.
Responsibilities started project from scratch; developed architecture, worked on both backend and frontend parts; worked on integration with third party services; implemented Salesforce application
with APEX language.


Environment: Django, backbone.js, Solr, AWS, Jenkins CI, Sailthru API.

Description: E-commerce platform, specialized on fashion objects.

Responsibilities: worked on backend tasks; created unit-tests.


Computer science

Belorussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics